Feeling good from the inside out shouldn’t be a difficult thing to obtain and keep. Yet, so many of us find ourselves stuck in ruts, unhappy with our bodies, our health and our lives. With no guidance or direction, no wonder we feel lost and confused!

We sit and wonder; what is the best path for me?DSC04710

Well hey, hello! I’m here to help! My name is Alex and I would be honored to help guide you on your path to healthy living. “Livelee Living” to be exact! (Pronounced Lively)

Whether you need a full hands on online Health Coaching program, an online Personal Training program or just some tips & tricks to push you to the right direction, I can help. As an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach, I can show you they way to your best path towards health and wellness.

Click around to see what I offer and how I can benefit you!

p.s. I’m kinda sorta an artist. Check out my store or services for prints, stickers, photography services and more!

“Beautiful surroundings make us happier, more creative and productive.” -Melanie Falvey

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